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This strong snus is not fort he beginners and is not recommended to people who are sensitive to nicotine. Here at killapods, we offer you an incredible collection of Loop nicotine pouches to suit your needs. All our tobacco free nicotine pouches brands come in different flavours and strengths. Whether you are looking for an exotic mango flavour or a pouch that offers you a tangy orange taste with a refreshing touch of lime, we’ve got you covered. So look no further and read on.

Try Loop tobacco free snus

Loop nicotine pouches also come in different strengths. They give an immediate nicotine hit using Instant RushTM technology. For example, Mint Mania mini offers a refreshing mint taste, with each pouch having a 3mg nicotine level. Alternatively, for the more experienced user, Mint Mania strong contains 9.4mg of nicotine. All the pouches come in small cans, containing between 20 and 24 pouches, depending on your flavour. Just pick your favourite flavour and strength and order the Loop tobacco-free snus today.

Loop flavours and strengths available

With seven different flavours to choose from, you will always be able to find something you like. Browse our impressive collection today and pick out your favourite. At the moment the most popular flavour is the Loop Jalapeno Lime, which has a bland of chili and lime flavour and and a strong nicotine amount (9 mg of nicotine per pouch).

You should also try the Loop Mango Tango Mini if you are looking for a refreshing but strong taste. Not only does it offer you a taste of sweet mango, but also a refreshing sour lime and hot chilli. Alternatively, opt for our salt liquorice pouches that offer you a sweet fusion.

Additional info about Loop

Once you have selected your favourite flavour and strength, place the pouch under your lip and enjoy the taste. All products are 100% tobacco-free and are made from vegan fibre base, nicotine, and flavouring. Loop products last about 1 hour, although this can depend on the user. As a smoke-free product, you can use tobacco free snus wherever you are. Please keep the product in a cool in a dry environment at room temperature.